LookBook: Get Unlimited Designer Clothes With Rent The Runway Unlimited

I’ve heard about Rent The Runway multiple times over the years…but for some reason never had the urge to try it. Maybe I didn’t have a real need? Or maybe it didn’t offer what I truly needed until I actually needed it. Being a host, speaker, actor and living my life on the ‘gram makes fashion more and more important in my life. Aesthetically speaking, I work on camera. If I don’t look put together and don’t feel confident, I don’t get booked. It’s all a part of my full package.

That being said I was really struggling to figure out how so many style bloggers/ influencers were posting completely new outfits every day. Quality clothing costs! I’ve been very fortunate that one of my good friends is also a celeb stylist. Serafini has plugged me in to PR showrooms, like the incomparable Maison Privee PR, that allow me to wear jaw dropping designs for a lot of my hosting gigs. WOW Couture is my go-to, because of the thick but stretchy fabric that hugs my curves.

While that solved my “work” attire, I still didn’t have a solution for my social media and the 897423 events I attend every week. I noticed NY based style blogger Ijeoma Kola’s post
THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO RENT THE RUNWAY UNLIMITED . Then shortly, as if the universe (God) was listening, Rent the Runway reached out to me to collaborate. Maybe that was Google selling my info lol, but whatever I’ll take it. I have been living my best fashion life ever since. With Rent The Runway Unlimited, I get designer clothing without the designer price tag. The “unlimited” title is because you basically get a revolving closet with the ability to switch out items as much as you want! You also have the option of buying whatever you fall in love with at a big discount. Rent The Runway Unlimited normally costs $159/month but with my code VIVIANPERK40 you can get 40% off your first month!

Here’s a breakdown of what I’ve gotten so far (& what I could have paid if I bought them regularly priced elsewhere) :

  • Marissa Web Denim Jumpsuit | Retails $545

  • Christian Siriano Blue Cold Shoulder Ruffle Dress | Retails $1,400

  • BCBGMAXAZRIA Dash Jacket | Retails $428

  • Apparis Mustard Sophie Faux Fur Coat | Normally Retails $295

  • La Petite Robe di Chiara Boni Beaufort Dress | Normally Retails $695

My Experience & Helpful Tips:

  • The quality and condition of these clothes are impeccable! RTR covers dry cleaning so you get it ready to wear and don’t have to worry about handling that yourself after. I’m stupid busy, so this was a HUGE DEAL for me.

  • UPS delivers your clothing to your door in an RTR clothing bag & provides the prepaid postage stuff, so you can drop it off at UPS when you’re ready to return it. Again, a HUGE DEAL for me. I can’t schedule time to do my own laundry some weeks.

  • There’s soooo many clothing and accessory options. I took a couple hours and just sifted through everything to “heart” everything I liked. One of my favorite parts of this period was seeing photos/reviews from clients in the clothing with their sizes. Some clothes run big and some run small, depending on the designer. The client feedback/photos was a massive help for me because I mean online shopping can be tricky. You can’t always tell how something will fit. My curvy hourglass frame has me all over the map clothing wise, so this was a necessary feature.

  • If you have more bold and outrageous style, there aren’t as many options for you. I love wearing poppin’ colors on-camera, but otherwise I am more clean & classic than crazy trendy. Christian Siriano has items in RTR that I fell in love with and worked supremely well for me on-camera. Every celebrity mentioned the light blue dress from the video, when I wore it to interview the cast of Netflix’s “Birdbox” and also “Once Upon A Deadpool”.

  • Don’t wait until it’s close to the weekend to make your order! That’s when I can assume everyone and their mama are online trying to get their weekend looks together, so your favorite pieces may no longer be available (or not in your size). Choose a random slow period or do it in advance. You can hang on to the items for awhile before switching them out and you can send back individual items if you want to hold on to other from the delivery longer.

  • My last big tip would be to try and mix it up with your orders. I got in to the habit of getting 1 statement piece (a show-stopping dress or coat), 1 item I could wear daily, 1 item I had specifically for an event in mind, and 1 thing out of my comfort zone.

To give Rent The Runway Unlimited a shot, use my code “VIVIANPERK40”-- to receive 40% off your first month of RTR unlimited!

Music: “Break Free” by Kennis Clark


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