Do you have a brand, concept, idea, or career goal in mind and no idea how to achieve it?

Do you need a blueprint to jumpstart or elevate your project in the traditional media, social media, or entertainment landscape?

Through one-on-one or group consultations, Vivian will formulate an innovative creative strategy, based on personalized brainstorming & deep dive mining sessions, to develop a roadmap that you can start using immediately.

For Individuals

Personal Branding | Career Brainstorming | Creative Ideation | Business SWOT Analysis

For Individuals with an idea of what they want to achieve professionally, but don’t know how to jumpstart their journey in the digital media age. It’s perfect if you’re looking for any holes in your thought process to be filled, opportunities and resources to be discovered, and to gain information that empowers you to turn your dream in to a tangible reality.

Examples: Writing a book, producing video content, launching a business, defining your “niche”, creating buzz on social media, packaging a project to pitch

For Companies

Brand Positioning | Structured Creative Ideation | Problem Solving | Youth & Diverse Marketing

For organizations with 2 or more individuals, focused on scaling their business or marketing their project to appeal to Millennials, Gen Z, Gen Alpha, and diverse audiences.